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Chairman: Terje Aven

Vice-Chairman: Radim Bris

General Secretary:
Coen van Gulijk
European Safety and Reliability Association

ESRA Technical Committee on
Chemical and Process Industry

The objective of this Technical Committee is to promote and facilitate research and development in the assessment of Safety in the Chemical Industry.

Emphasis will be given in the development of new methodologies for assessing, estimating and expressing safety in the Chemical Industry. Quantified Risk Assessment will be the corner stone of such assessments. Efforts will be made to integrate under a QRA framework all aspects important to safety including hardware, software, human performance, and safety management systems and thus to provide a decision supporting platform for risk and safety management aiming at reducing the frequency of accidents and mitigating their consequences while maximizing installation availability and minimizing costs.

Applications of new and existing methods in all sectors of Chemical Industry will be promoted in view of the requirements of the SEVESO directive. Specific topics like Domino effects, Land Use Planning considerations, Emergency response and Safety management systems (potentially examined in greater detail in other Technical Committees) will be integrated in a common QRA platform.

 • Michalis Christou, Joint Research Centre - Italy,

Committee Members
 ESRA Members
 • J. Meulenbrugge, TNO - The Netherlands,
 • Jari Schabel, VTT - Finland,
 • Marko Gerbec, Jozef Stefan Institute - Slovenia,
 • Z. Nivolianitou, N.C.S.R. "Demokritos",

 Non ESRA Members
 • Christian Delvosalle, Faculte Polytechnique de Mons - Belgium,
 • Daniel Spagni, United Kingdom,
 • E. Lois, Technical Univerity of Athens - Greece,
 • George Papadakis, Technical Univerity of Crete - Greece,
 • Giuseppe Maschio, Universita di Messina - Italy,
 • Ian Priestley, Syngenta Huddersfield Manufacturing - United Kingdom,
 • Jan Roar Bakke, GexCon - Norway,
 • Joerg Steinbach, TU Berlin - Germany,
 • Jos Post, RIVM - The Netherlands,
 • Kelnar Lubomir, Czech Republic,
 • Lee Allford, EPSC Operations - United Kingdom,
 • Michael Christou, JRC - Italy,
 • Nicolaos Markatos, Technical University of Athens - Greece,
 • Nijs Jan Duijm, Risoe - Denmark,
 • Olivier Salvi, Ineris - France,
 • Pablo Lerena, Swissi - Switzerland,
 • Richard Gowland, European Process Safety Centre - United Kingdom,
 • Richard Rogers, Inburex Consulting GmbH -Germany,
 • Stamats Kalligeros, Elinoil - Greece,
 • Stathis Kourniotis, EPEM - Greece,
 • Stefan Kovacs,
 • Thomas Kontogiannis, Technical Univerity of Crete - Greece,
 • Ulrich Hauptmanns, Otto-von-Guericke Universitδt Magdeburg - Germany,
ESREL 2016
European Safety and Reliability Conference
Strathclyde University, Glasgow
September 25 - 29, 2016
ESREL 2015
XXV European Safety and Reliability Conference
Zurich, Switzerland
September 7 - 10, 2015

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