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Chairman: Terje Aven

Vice-Chairman: Radim Bris

General Secretary:
Coen van Gulijk
European Safety and Reliability Association

ESRA Technical Committee on
Risk Management

The objective of this Technical Committee is to foster research on principles, methods and models on Integrated Risk Management, with applications.

Risk management is defined as all measures and activities carried out to manage risk. Risk management balances the conflicts inherent in exploring opportunities on one hand, and avoiding losses, accidents, and disasters, on the other. Risk management includes risk assessment, risk treatment, risk acceptance and risk communication. Integrated Risk Management has an organisation-wide perspective and covers the total risk picture, i.e. all risk aspects of concern for the organisation.

Examples of topics addressed by the Committee:
• Risk assessment principles and methods
• Risk acceptance and tolerability
• Risk-informed decision-making
• Economic principles and risk
• Risk governance

It is an important aim of the Technical Committee to present papers at the ESREL conferences and publish papers in the journal Reliability Engineering and System Safety.

 • Lesley Walls

Committee Members
 • Ben Ale, University of Delft, The Netherlands,
 • Jim Luxhoj, Rudgers University, US,
 • Dirk Proske, Universitδt fόr Bodenkultur Wien, Austria,
 • Rouhiainen Veikko, VTT, Finland,
 • M.S.(Sten) de Wit, TNO, The Netherlands,
 • V.M. Trbojevic, Risk Support Ltd, United Kingdom,
 • Bas Jonkman, TU Delft, The Netherlands,
 • Britt-Marie Drottz Sjψberg, NTNU, Norway,
 • Roland Akselsson, LTH,
 • David Valis, BRNO, Czech Republic,
 • Ruben Jongejan, The Netherlands,
 • Teuvo Uusitalo, VTT, Finland,
 • Dana Prochazkova, Czech Republic,
 • Jana Markova, Czech Republic,
 • Irene Eusgeld, Switzerland,
 • Kupi Eija, Finland,
 • Adiel de Almeida, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil,
ESREL 2016
European Safety and Reliability Conference
Strathclyde University, Glasgow
September 25 - 29, 2016
ESREL 2015
XXV European Safety and Reliability Conference
Zurich, Switzerland
September 7 - 10, 2015

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