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Chairman: Terje Aven

Vice-Chairman: Radim Bris

General Secretary:
Coen van Gulijk
European Safety and Reliability Association

ESRA Technical Committee on
Critical Infrastructures

The continuous supply of goods and services by interconnected infrastructures forms the backbone of all activities in modern industry and society. As a consequence, the robustness, safety, and security of such spatially distributed systems have become critical issues, calling for further improvement and optimization.

On the other hand, the current quantitative methods of risk and vulnerability analysis seem not fully equipped to deal with the level of complexity and interconnectedness inherent in such systems.

This technical committee aims at providing a forum for discussion and experience-sharing with regards to the development and application of methods for the modeling of distributed network systems and interconnected critical infrastructures and the analysis of their vulnerability and safety and the availability of service they provide. The issues addressed are interdisciplinary in that they call for different expertise and intersectorial from the application point of view due to the specificity of the different systems and operating environment.

The activities of the Committee, such as the organization of workshops, technical sessions and roundtables at ESREL Conferences, will be decided jointly by the participants in the Committee.

 • Giovanni Sansavini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy,

 • Enrico Zio, Politecnico di Milano, Italy,

 • Teuvo Uusitalo, VTT, Finland,
 • Alessandro Rasulo, University of Cassino, Italy,
 • Michele Minichino, ENEA, Italy,
 • Jonas Johansson, Lunc University, Sweden,
 • Mohammad Nejad, PhD Student, Netherlands,
 • Jinfu Wang, QM University of London, United Kingdom,
 • John Bigham, QM University of London, United Kingdom,
 • Francesco Flammini, ANSALDO STS, Italy,
 • Andrea Gaglione, Universtΰ di Napoli "Federico II", Italy,
 • Valery Lesvyub, GAZPROM/UNIIGAZ, Russia,
 • Tatiana Timofeeva, Moskow University of Managm, Russia,
 • Kazimierz Kosmowski, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland,
 • Jan-lang Su, National Center for Disaster Reduction, Taiwan,
 • Ralf Mock, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Switzerland,
ESREL 2016
European Safety and Reliability Conference
Strathclyde University, Glasgow
September 25 - 29, 2016
ESREL 2015
XXV European Safety and Reliability Conference
Zurich, Switzerland
September 7 - 10, 2015

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